How i started writing


Deep deep down inside your mind, there’s a place you heard voices from. Sometimes, those voices are so loud, that if you put your hands and cover your ear trying to close them thinking that it will get inaudible. But then you failed and you still hear those voices.  No matter how to try you failed to escape them. And it will get unbearable to stop listening them and focus in anything, because the voices are twisting and turning with each other inside in your head, enhancing every passing seconds. You have left no choice but to listen what are the voices are trying to speak. At that moment, what i did is to take out a pen and notebook and sit somewhere alone, away from any kind of disturbance. First it was difficult, what to write, how to write? I ask my mind, but it was full of thoughts, mind doesn’t listen, it just talks. Then i ask my heart, it was in total peace, it wants to listen.  Then i tried to connect word to word, wrote it in a notebook. Words become sentence, then a paragraph. After a while, i realized i filled five to six pages. And some things which was unclear inside my head, becomes more clear when i pen it down on a notebook. My thoughts seems more accurate by then. I felt light-hearted, free from burden and immense pleasure. Just by writing.  Writing isn’t tough, you just have to know what’s worth writing for and what’s not. Since that day, i kept a diary and started writing in it every day. 


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