Love to Read.

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I love reading. I love books. 

I read when i don’t want to be alone, when i need someone who can understand me. And reading really helps. I read them and think, oh yes! that’s exactly what i feel. At that moment, i just want to embrace the book with my arms and keep it close to me, so that i don’t feel lonely. Like i have a friend, who actually understands me and don’t judge me. The more and more i become friendly with books, the more i got detach with people. Reading is an amazing feeling, its like can go anywhere you want to but you just have to stay at one place. It will make you a better person. The books you read, that will describe you. You will think on the basis of what you read. It also reduces stress. I’m crazy about books. Its cover, its words, its paper make me wonder how beautiful a thing can be. To me, new books are like new born babies. I take extra care while holding them. I don’t let anybody borrow my books, as i don’t trust them with it. I don’t scribble on my books. I keep it as neat and clean as i can. 

Happy Reading Guys ! 🙂


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