Everything in this world comes with a price tag, except mother’s love. She has price for nothing. Her love is priceless. She sees no benefit over her child, keep loving her with expecting nothing in return.
A mother love her child irrespective of its color, gender, nature. Her love towards her child is perpetual, like a river. It always flows no matter what. She sees no pleasure over her child’s inconvenience. It’s not that she has to do because it’s right or wrong, for her there’s no rules, no categories, nothing. She gets pleasure only after watching her child happy and healthy. She expects nothing in return. A mother is someone who loves beyond any rule, power or possession. Her love is pure.


you are my Secret.

I am in someone else arms, but the only thing i think about is you. He kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly, but this doesn’t comforts me at all. He is not you. Then he leaned forward to kiss me on my lips, and that kiss remind me how much i want that kiss was with you. I don’t love him, i love you. I wish i could run back to you and cover myself with both of your hands. That is my place heaven. But i can’t help, i cannot change anything. You don’t want me. You never made an effort to stop me, you didn’t fight not even once, you let me go. Now here i am stuck in the place where i don’t belong to. I can’t speak to anyone about you. I have to endure all the pain, keeping you a secret. A secret which cannot be revealed. A secret which is breaking every atom of my body. Yes, you are my secret.

Love to Read.

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I love reading. I love books. 

I read when i don’t want to be alone, when i need someone who can understand me. And reading really helps. I read them and think, oh yes! that’s exactly what i feel. At that moment, i just want to embrace the book with my arms and keep it close to me, so that i don’t feel lonely. Like i have a friend, who actually understands me and don’t judge me. The more and more i become friendly with books, the more i got detach with people. Reading is an amazing feeling, its like can go anywhere you want to but you just have to stay at one place. It will make you a better person. The books you read, that will describe you. You will think on the basis of what you read. It also reduces stress. I’m crazy about books. Its cover, its words, its paper make me wonder how beautiful a thing can be. To me, new books are like new born babies. I take extra care while holding them. I don’t let anybody borrow my books, as i don’t trust them with it. I don’t scribble on my books. I keep it as neat and clean as i can. 

Happy Reading Guys ! 🙂


She is like a painting on the immaculate wall,
Not everyone can understand her beauty but those who do will never forget her.

She is the dream of an artist,
Payoff of her sleepless nights,
Only he know the meaning of her every shape and reason behind her every colour.

She is the pride of the painter,
Her outer beauty is what everyone sees and applaud,
But what’s inside is the painter’s prestige.

She is a prick in the eye of haters who paint her with black,
like it was never there.

How i started writing


Deep deep down inside your mind, there’s a place you heard voices from. Sometimes, those voices are so loud, that if you put your hands and cover your ear trying to close them thinking that it will get inaudible. But then you failed and you still hear those voices.  No matter how to try you failed to escape them. And it will get unbearable to stop listening them and focus in anything, because the voices are twisting and turning with each other inside in your head, enhancing every passing seconds. You have left no choice but to listen what are the voices are trying to speak. At that moment, what i did is to take out a pen and notebook and sit somewhere alone, away from any kind of disturbance. First it was difficult, what to write, how to write? I ask my mind, but it was full of thoughts, mind doesn’t listen, it just talks. Then i ask my heart, it was in total peace, it wants to listen.  Then i tried to connect word to word, wrote it in a notebook. Words become sentence, then a paragraph. After a while, i realized i filled five to six pages. And some things which was unclear inside my head, becomes more clear when i pen it down on a notebook. My thoughts seems more accurate by then. I felt light-hearted, free from burden and immense pleasure. Just by writing.  Writing isn’t tough, you just have to know what’s worth writing for and what’s not. Since that day, i kept a diary and started writing in it every day.