Love finds a way

Door bell rang.

He open the door.

where were you, mom? What takes you so long?” He said

” I must’ve died. Then there’s this girl who saved me. What a kind girl she was.” Mom said entering inside the door.

“oh god! Mom, you okay?” He exclaimed.

“yes son, I’m fine. Thanks to that girl. I was about to Cross the road. I was juggling with these heavy glocery bags. I didn’t saw the car rushing towards me. She pulled me back at the tight time. The car passed so close from me. And all my bags dropped down. She then, picked all my things and helped me to cross the road carefully. She was kept smiling. She has a beautiful smile. What a nice girl she was. I wish I could have a daughter like her.”


Later at night,

phone bell rang.

He picked up call.

“Hey, I love you” she said.

I love you too” he replied.

you know, today when I was coming from college. I saw a woman with so many bags, trying to cross the road. Thanks to God,  I saw the car rushing towards her and pulled her back towards me. Then helped her to cross the road. Meanwhile, I kept smiling to assure her that she is okay now. I hope she reached home safely.”

he got surprised  “hey ! that was my mom. Seems like your smile works on my mom too.”

she silently blushed






Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie


By Mitch Albom

An old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson.

I love this book. This is a MUST READ once in your lifetime book. It is an easy read, you can complete it in one sitting. The story holds your attention till the end page. And in  every chapter, it will teach you something extraordinary about your living. I definitely want reread it.

Here’s the summary. The story set up in early 90s, where Mitch lives in a New York . Mitch wanted to be a Musician, but due to some reasons he had to leave that dream behind and had to do some job to earn his living. So he started working as a reporter in a TV channel. Accidentally, he met his old professor, morrie, who used to be very close to his heart as a student and now he is going to die. Mitch regretted for not being in touch with him for so many years. After that, Morrie decided to teach him his last course, every tuesday. Mitch made a list of things he wanted to learn. This list consists :
A meaningful life.
After teaching his last lesson Morrie died.

Mesmeric $oul